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Importance of Gas Leak Detection System| PESO Certified | LPG Gas Detector

Going to your favourite restaurant/hotel for a date, party with friends, or a family dinner — sounds good, but what if the place that you are hanging out is not Fire Compliant, as most of the hotels are always dotted with fire hazards at every corner. They have parking spaces, cooking oils, electrical connections, and paper products. One small spark and can turn a great night into a disaster. Fire will not only cause material damage but will cost lives, just because the owner of the restaurant was not aware of the hazards or didn’t care about safety.

“Safety isn’t expensive, it is Priceless — Unknown”

Our Mission at Ambetronics Engineers Pvt Ltd is to provide the best quality and the optimum solution that is needed for the Human and Industrial Saftey. We are the largest manufacturer of Gas Detectors, Gas Analyzers, Flame Detectors, Data Loggers, Cold Chain, Clean Room, Industrial Automation & Internet of Things(IoT).

According to the National Fire Protection Association, more than 8257 eateries report an annual fire in the USA alone, the USA being so strict in regulations & rules, still, they restaurants claim more than $259 million. Therefore, it is a mandatory requirement to measure Combustible and Toxic Gas Hazards. Liquified Petroleum Gas(LPG) and Piped Natural Gas(PNG) have a constant risk to the chefs, managers, servers & the staff. Talking about India, 87% of the restaurants/eateries do not comply with the fire standards & regulations.

We have designed a state-of-the-art solution to tackle such hazards and prevent fire Disaster

The solution consists of three major components:

  1. LPG/PNG/CNG Gas Leak Detector(Model No. GT4220-FLP)
  2. Gas Monitor(Model No. Smart IoT Gateway — IoT Based Gateway)
  3. Alarming System(Audio & Visual Alarm)

How do you choose a Gas Detector that will suit your purpose?
  1. What are the accuracy, resolution, and the brand/make of the sensor?
  2. How often does the company recommend you for the Calibration of Gas Detectors?

Note- Any Gas detector in the world, on an average needs a regular calibration for 6 months to 12 months, so if a company/brand from which you plan to buy a gas detector does not suggest calibration of the detector, it's better you opt for some other brand or make of gas detectors.

3. What is the unit in which we want to measure the Gas(% v/v, %LEL, or PPM)

4. What is the Enclosure/Housing used for a gas detector? (There are be weatherproof(WP) for safe areas and there can be Flameproof(FLP) for hazardous areas)

5. What is the warranty of the Gas detector?

6. After Sales, Support, and Customer Service, if there is any queries/questions/fault, how will the company address it, and what is the turnaround time?

7. What are the Certificates and Approval does a company have or comply with?

Frequently Asked Questions to us by our Clients/Potential Customers/Users
  1. What is the Gas sensor used in Ambetronics Gas Detectors?

Answer: We use Pellistor/Catalytic Bead Sensor that is capable of detecting the concentration of LPG/PNG Gases in 0–100%LEL range having a resolution of 1 and an accuracy of (plus-minus 2% of Full Scale)

2. Where will the gas detector be located?

Answer: LPG is heavier than air, therefore it will settle on the ground level, therefore we need to install it 6 inches or 1 foot from the ground.

Whereas PNG is lighter than air, so it would escape higher to the ceiling, therefore, we install the detector which is one foot above the pipeline.


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Importance of Gas Leak Detection System| PESO Certified | LPG Gas Detector

UV & IR based Flame Detectors | How to avoid Fire in Industries? | How Did Flame Detector Works

Flame watcher is a state-of-the-art Flame Detectors series having different ranges of UV & IR Flame Detector.

Flame detectors are the first line of defense in fire detection and extinguishing system.
Which provides an excellent safety measure against flame, preventing it from turning into a catastrophic fire, saving lives and assets.

Flame Detectors is a Microcontroller based fully digitally addressable device. It utilizes smart sensor technology for Accurate Flame detection. It utilizes a sophisticated algorithm that offers excellent false alarm immunity. Provided with high sensitivity, it is capable of detecting hydrocarbon-based flame within a few seconds and prevents human loss as well as industrial loss.

Flame Detectors Provide Industrial standard output such as 4–20mA / 0–10V, relays, RS-485. It is HART addressable and connectivity is provided via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi/ LoRa /IoT for the mobile alert. It is also equipped with a built-in data logging facility, which provides a Date-time stamped report of important / alarm events for further analysis.
It has a Minimum of 90 cones of vision on the Horizontal & vertical axis and can detect fire up to 65 meters within a few seconds. Its performance can be tested by using a test Lamp (FTU-3311-FLP).

UV/ IR Flame detector can be integrated with PLC/SCADA system. It is designed in such a way that, It is Universally Compatible, which enables it to be connected to any Fire alarm panel or any other control panel of any make, So in case of fire, it alerts the nearby personnel, generates a factory-wide alarm, and initiate preventing action such as sprinkler/form-based extinguishing system, evacuation protocol, etc.
It is enclosed in Explosion-proof housing of Aluminium (LM 6) and stainless steel (SS316) material making it Applicable in Hazardous Environment. It also available in small size enclosures (JB 90-LM/SS) that can be used where an application is size oriented. For the indoor office, based non-hazardous environment compact size weatherproof (WP) package is also available.

The UV/IR Flame Detectors is designed to meet the requirements of standard EN54–10, FM/ANSI, and NFPA72 (In Process).
Flame detectors possess Approvals/certificates such as [ATEX, CE, PESO, CIMFR and ISI].

How Did Flame Detectors work?

Flame Detectors are composed of UV & IR sensors, a combination of multiple UV & IR sensors, or standalone sensors depending on the flame detector’s configuration.


Whenever the fire breaks out, it emits energy & radiations from burning hydrocarbon-based objects in the form of UV & IR emissions. Unique fire radiations are also emitted; this radiation is detected by UV/IR sensor & analyzed for unique radiation pattern of fire. Once it is identified, it is verified multiple times within a few seconds to verify the existence of a true flame. Once confirmed, an alarm is generated.

Frequently Asked Questions to us by our Clients/Potential Customers/User

Q. How Flame Detectors used on a ship.?

Flame Detectors can be used for onshore & offshore applications. It can be used on ships where natural gas & oil are extracted from the sea. Where gasses & oils are flammable & the risk of fire is high. It can be mounted throughout between points of the extraction process to a storage facility.

It can also be used in transportation or commercial ships at a point, where loading & unloading of containers is done & also when it is stored to keep storage safe. Furthermore, it is also used in generators or electrical rooms in a ship for monitoring and safety purposes.





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UV & IR based Flame Detectors | How to avoid Fire in Industries? | How Did Flame Detector Works

Ammonia Gas Detection System for Refrigeration Plant

Industries like food, beverage, and chemical factories use tons of Ammonia for refrigeration purposes. Ammonia is a commonly used refrigerant in many refrigeration units due to its low cost, high energy efficiency, and negligible environmental impact. However, its high concentrations can directly be lethal. While Ammonia is a toxic gas, it is also flammable.

Due to the huge amounts of Ammonia in storage, these industries require Ammonia gas leak detection systems for the safety and protection of personnel and property and to alert adjacent facilities and neighborhoods of a gas release.

Since its inception, Ambetronics Engineers Pvt. Ltd. has always been an expert in detecting Ammonia gas leaks and mitigating the risk associated with it.

The electrochemical sensors used by Ambetronics Gas Detectors are highly accurate even at the high humidity levels of freezers. The measurement ranges of ammonia gas sensors vary from 0 to 100 PPM, 0–1000 PPM or 0–100 % LEL, depending on the client’s requirement.

Ambetronics has a very efficient alarming system that alerts the authorities and workers whenever the leak concentration goes beyond the permissible exposure limits (TWA: 25 PPM & STEL: 35PPM).

Apart from giving alert signals, the Ambetronics Gas Detectors are also configured with Ambetronics Gas Monitors whose relay output automatically operates the exhaust fans and thereby ventilates the cold rooms.

This not only ensures a controlled and safe atmosphere inside the cold room, but also alerts the workers before entering the room.

With Ambetronics the root-cause and so the preventive measures can be taken care of by:

ü Quickly responding to the alert signals

ü Automated ventilation

ü Immediate evacuation of personal from the site

ü Taking disaster management actions

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Ammonia Gas Detection System for Refrigeration Plant

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